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Category Selected: After Shave

Halal Status Product Name UPS Code Category Product Brand Comments Date

Not Halal

haramBarbasol Brisk After ShaveAfter ShaveBarasolThis is not a Halal after shave. A brother has provided this e-mail: Hello Mr. Hadj, Of our Barbasol and Pure Silk Shaving Creams, Pure Silk Dry Skin is the only item that contains alcohol. Our Barbasol Brisk and Pacific Rush After Shave Splash items both contain alcohol. All remaining Barbasol and Pure Silk Shaving Cream items do not contain alcohol in their ingredients or fragrances. Thank you, Jordan Millice Description: barbasol-logo-sig_2 Jordan Millice Marketing Assistant Perio, Inc. 6156 Wilcox Rd. Dublin, OH 43016 December 201311-30--1

Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor

exclaimAfta After Shave Skin Conditioner Afta Pre-electric Shave LotionAfter ShaveAftaDate 04/14/2012 No animal derived ingredients are used according to Colgate's e-mail send to one of our brother.11-30--1