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Category Selected: Buttermilk

Halal Status Product Name UPS Code Category Product Brand Comments Date


halal1% Milk Fat ButtermilkButtermilkCloverBrand:Clover,Store:Raley's Supermarket,city:Pleasanton, CA,California04-29-16
halalCultured ButtermilkButtermilkFriendlyBrand:Friendly,Store:Shoprite Supermarket,city:Piscataway, NJ,New Jersey04-29-16
halalCultured Low Fat ButtermilkButtermilkPrairie Farms (target)UPC Code: 0727302505401-01-12
halalCultured Low Fat ButtermilkButtermilkDean07-11-12
halalCultured Low Fat ButtermilkButtermilkHeritage FarmBrand:Heritage Farm,Store:Fred Myers Supermarket,city:Redmond, WA,Washington State04-30-16
halalLow Fat 1% Pasteurized ButtermilkButtermilkOrganic ValleyBrand:Organic Valley,Store:Cubs Foods Supermarkets,city:ILLINOIS & MINNESOTA,Illinois & Minnesota04-29-16
halalLow Fat ButtermilkButtermilkBareman DairyAavilable in Food Mart in Chicago, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin. Only made at Plant # 26-786 Holland, Michigan.03-16-14
halalReduced Fat ButtermilkButtermilkShopriteBrand:Shoprite,Store:Shoprite Supermarket,city:Piscataway, NJ,New Jersey04-29-16
halalReduced Fat Cultured ButtermilkButtermilkKnudsonBrand:Knudson,Store:Raley's Supermarket,city:Pleasanton, CA,California04-29-16

Not Halal

haramButtermilkButtermilkSunnyside FarmsBrand:Sunnyside Farms,Store:Raley's Supermarket,city:Pleasanton,California04-29-16
haramCultured ButtermilkButtermilkSunnyside FarmsBrand:Sunnyside Farms,Store:Lucky Supermarkets & Save More Supermarkets,city:Danville,California04-29-16
haramCultured ButtermilkButtermilkSacoBrand:Saco,Store:Lucky Supermarkets & Save More Supermarkets,city:Danville,California04-29-16
haramCultured Low Fat ButtermilkButtermilkCrystalBrand:Crystal,Store:Food 4 Less Supermarket,city:Vallejo,California04-29-16

Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor

exclaimReduced Fat ButtermilkButtermilkTuscanBrand:Tuscan,Store:A&p Supermarket,city:North Brunswick, NJ,New Jersey04-29-16
exclaimVitamin D Cultured ButtermilkButtermilkWinn-dixieBrand:Winn-dixie,Store:Winn-dixie Supermarket,city:Orlando, FL,Florida04-29-16