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Category Selected: Cream

Halal Status Product Name UPS Code Category Product Brand Comments Date


halalLight CreamCreamTuscanBrand:Tuscan,Store:Pathmark Supermarket,city:Hazlet, NJ,New Jersey04-29-16
halalLight CreamCreamGiantBrand:Giant,Store:Giant Supermarket,city:Philadelphia, PA,Pennsylvania04-30-16
halalLight Cream 18% MilkfatCreamDean07-05-12
halalLight Cream Ultra Pasteurized CreamLehigh ValleyBrand:Lehigh Valley,Store:Giant Supermarket,city:Philadelphia, PA,Pennsylvania04-30-16

Not Halal

haramAntifungal Cream 0.4%CreamTerconazoleHaram Br. Abeer has sent this information. I have an information related to Antifungal cream Terconazole 0.4% which contains polysorbate 60. I called them as they don't have email contact. 8552603479.They told that this is derived from bovine or porcine source. You can add this info on medication list. April 201611-30--1
haramHeavy Cream VanillaCreamPublixBrand:Publix,Store:Publix Supermarket,city:Orlando,Florida04-29-16

Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor

exclaimFat Free Liquid CreamCreamGiantBrand:Giant,Store:Giant Supermarket,city:Philadelphia, PA,Pennsylvania04-29-16
exclaimHazen N CreamCreamRoundy'sBrand:Roundy's,Store:Mariano's Fresh Market & Roundy's Supermarket,city:Schaumburg, IL &Milwaukee, WI,Illinois & Wisconsin04-29-16
exclaimHeavy CreamCreamLehigh ValleyBrand:Lehigh Valley,Store:Giant Supermarket,city:Philadelphia, PA,Pennsylvania04-29-16
exclaimHoney Nut CreamCreamRaley'sBrand:Raley's,Store:Nob Hill Foods,city:San Ramon,California04-29-16
exclaimNaturally Flavored Dairy CreamCreamOpen NatureBrand:Open Nature,Store:Safeway Supermarket&von Supermarket,city:California,California04-29-16