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Category Selected: Chewing Gums

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Not Halal

haramTrident GumsChewing GumsTridentHi Rasheed, Thank you for visiting I wanted to get back to you about your ingredient questions. I understand that knowing what ingredients are in the food products you eat directly affect how you practice your religion/dietary lifestyle, and Mondelez International does all that it can to assist its consumers in making educated food decisions. I apologize but unfortunately this ingredient information is not currently available. As you can imagine our products change frequently, and maintaining a list of products for specific dietary practices would be virtually impossible. The suppliers from which we obtain the natural flavoring will not reveal the exact ingredients to us, as they consider it to be proprietary. They only have to reveal if their natural flavoring contains major allergens. Some gums contain gelatin which is made from collagen, a protein that comes from animals used for food, like beef or pork. The exact source of the gelatin used in our products cannot be easily determined because the hide used in our products can be from both beef and pork. When alcohol is used in our products in a significant amount or has a technical effect it will be labeled on the ingredient line. However, if alcohol is present in a minute amount it will not be listed. I appreciate you contacting us. Consumer Services Mondelez International ~~TLXEA_25066145~~N 01-23-15