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Category Selected: Cookie Mix

Halal Status Product Name UPS Code Category Product Brand Comments Date


halalSugar Cookies MixCookie MixCherry Brook KitchenBrand:Cherry Brook Kitchen,Store:Whole Food Market,city:Schaumburg, IL,Illinois04-29-16

Not Halal

haramChocolate Chip Cookie MixCookie MixDuncan HinesFrom: To: Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2014 09:57:38 -0500 Subject: Reference # 9846010 Reference #: 9846010 Dear Ms----- Thank you for taking the time to email me regarding Duncan Hines products. I am happy to help you! There could be a minimum amount of alcohol in Duncan Hines products, as it could be in some of the flavors. However, flavor components are proprietary to the supplier and not usually shared with us. With cake mixes there may be 0.01% but even less once ingredients are added prior to baking. Likely none post baking. Our frostings may contain traces of alcohol in the flavors, but we cannot confirm. Our flavor suppliers regard the identity of the individual components as proprietary and that info is therefore withheld. 03-12-14
haramCookies MixCookie MixGfBrand:Gf,Store:Whole Food Market,city:Schaumburg ,Illinois04-29-16
haramFrosted Brownies Mix, Peanut Butter Cookie Mix, Pumpkin Spice Cookie MixCookie MixBetty CrockerAlcohol is used in flavor according to General Mill.04-22-14
haramSugar Cookie Mix, Pumpkin Bar MixCookie MixBetty CrockerAlcohol is used in flavor according to General Mill.04-22-14

Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor

exclaimChewy Chips Ahoy Mint Chocolate Chip CookiesCookie MixNabiscoHalal if no alcohol is used in flavor.08-22-14
exclaimDouble Chcolate, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal MixCookie MixBetty CrockerHalal if no alcohol is used in flavor.04-22-14