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Category Selected: Fudge Bars

Halal Status Product Name UPS Code Category Product Brand Comments Date


halalFudge BarsFudge BarsShoppers Value06-29-12
halalFudge BarsFudge BarsGreat Value06-30-12
halalFudge BarsFudge BarsNorth Star07-05-12
halalFudge BarsFudge BarsPublixBrand:Publix,Store:Publix Supermarket,city:Orlando, FL,Florida04-29-16
halalNon Fat Fudge BarsFudge BarsDeanNo alcohol is used in the production of Carrageenan.07-05-12

Not Halal

haramFudge BarsFudge BarsLucerneBrand:Lucerne,Store:Randall's Supermarket,city:Houston,Texas04-29-16
haramFudge BarsFudge BarsLucerneBrand:Lucerne,Store:Safeway Supermarket & Von Supermarket,city:California,California04-29-16
haramSkinny Cow Fudge BarsFudge BarsNestleCarrageenan is either from Isopropyl Alcohol or Ethyl Alcohol.The company said they use alcohol in flavor.06-29-12

Mushbooh or Unknown

unknownFudge BarsFudge BarsMeijerEthyl Alcohol may or may not use in the processing of Carrageenan.07-05-12
unknownFudge Bars Chocolate Flavor Fat FreeFudge BarsMarket PantryDue to presence of Carrageenan.07-11-12
unknownOrangae Fudge BarsFudge BarsFudgesiclePresence of Carraggenan.07-09-12
unknownOrange Fudge BarsFudge BarsFudge SickleDue to presence of Carrageenan.07-11-12

Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor

exclaimFudge BarsFudge BarsGiantBrand:Giant,Store:Giant Supermarket,city:Philadelphia, PA,Pennsylvania04-29-16
exclaimFudge BarsFudge BarsPurple CowBrand:Purple Cow,Store:Meijer Supermarket,city:Algonquin, IL,Illinois04-29-16
exclaimPremium Fudge BarsFudge BarsHealthy ChoiceBrand:Healthy Choice,Store:Costco Supermarket,city:Lake In The Hills,Illinois04-29-16