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Category Selected: Hot Dog Buns

Halal Status Product Name UPS Code Category Product Brand Comments Date


halalHot Dog BunsHot Dog BunsMarket Pantry (target Brand)No animal derived ingredients are used in the bread throughout USA according to Target Refrence number 3-794213101. UPC Code: 085239011331 01-08-12
halalHot Dog BunsHot Dog BunsFranzAvailable at Albertson in Redmond, WA07-04-13
halalOriginal Hawaiian Sweet Hot Dog Buns073435000129Hot Dog BunsKing's HawaiinAugust 10, 2016TajamulrnrnrnrnAloha Tajamul,rnrnMahalo (Thank You) for contacting King's Hawaiian Bakery. rnWe appreciate your interest in our products. rnrnOur ingredients are Kosher Certified. Our bread products do not contain pork. This applies to KING’S HAWAIIAN bread and rolls (Original Hawaiian Sweet, Honey Wheat and Savory Butter varieties) available in grocery stores nationwide and not to our retail bakery items sold in our Torrance, California restaurants and bakeries.rnrnMahalo for supporting King's Hawaiian and have a great week!rnPlease feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or comments.rnrnAloha,rnrnrnKing's Hawaiian Consumer Carern1-877-MY-KHCARES [1-877-695-4227]rnrnkhcares@kingshawaiian.comrnrn19161 Harborgate Way, Torrance, CA 90501rn08-12-16