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Category Selected: Margarine

Halal Status Product Name UPS Code Category Product Brand Comments Date


halalFleischmann's Original SticksMargarineFleischmann's 05-01-12
halalFresh Buttery Taste Margarine 80% Vegetable OilMargarineLand O' LakesBrand:Land O' Lakes,Store:Stop & Shop Supermarket,city:Piscataway, NJ,New Jersey04-29-16
halalMargarineMargarineLand O' LakesBrand:Land O' Lakes,Store:Stop & Shop Supermarket,city:Piscataway, NJ,New Jersey04-29-16
halalMargarineMargarineFred MeyerBrand:Fred Meyer,Store:Fred Myers Supermarket,city:Redmond, WA,Washington State04-30-16
halalMargarineMargarineGiantBrand:Giant,Store:Giant Supermarket,city:Philadelphia, PA,Pennsylvania04-30-16
halalMargarine 80% Vegetable OilMargarineLand O LakesA sister send me this e-mail from Land O Lake: Hello , Thank you for visiting the Land O'Lakes Website and taking the time to contact us LAND O LAKES® Butter products, LAND O LAKES® Fresh Buttery Taste® Spread and LAND O LAKES® Margarine do not contain alcohol or is alcohol used as a solvent or as an ingredient in the natural flavoring. - 07-22-13 16:59:1407-22-13
halalMargarine 90% Vegetable Oil SpreadMargarineAmerica's ChoiceBrand:America's Choice,Store:Waldbaums Supermarket,city:Queens, NY,New York04-29-16
halalRegular Sticks, Light SticksMargarineBlue Bonnet05-01-12
halalSoft MargarineMargarineStop & ShopBrand:Stop & Shop,Store:Stop & Shop Supermarket,city:Piscataway, NJ,New Jersey04-29-16

Not Halal

haramOrganic Margarine SpreadMargarineNature's PromiseBrand:Nature's Promise,Store:Stop & Shop Supermarket,city:Piscataway,New Jersey04-29-16
haramOrigial MargarineMargarineSunnyside FarmsBrand:Sunnyside Farms,Store:Nob Hill Foods,city:San Ramon,California04-29-16
haramOriginal MargarineMargarineSunnyside FarmsBrand:Sunnyside Farms,Store:Raley's Supermarket,city:Pleasanton,California04-29-16

Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor

exclaimMargarineMargarineKey FoodBrand:Key Food,Store:Key Food Supermarket,city:Perth Amboy, NJ,New Jersey04-29-16
exclaimMargarineMargarineEssential EverydayBrand:Essential Everyday,Store:Cubs Foods Supermarkets,city:ILLINOIS & MINNESOTA,Illinois & Minnesota04-29-16
exclaimMargarineMargarineMeijerBrand:Meijer,Store:Meijer Supermarket,city:Algonquin, IL,Illinois04-29-16
exclaimMargarineMargarineEssential EverydayBrand:Essential Everyday,Store:Jewel Supermarket,city:Huntley,Illinois04-29-16
exclaimMargarineMargarineSoffola MensfieldBrand:Soffola Mensfield,Store:Nob Hill Foods,city:San Ramon,California04-29-16
exclaimMargarine Dressing With Extra Virgin Olive OilMargarineAmerica's ChoiceBrand:America's Choice,Store:A&p Supermarket,city:North Brunswick, NJ,New Jersey04-29-16
exclaimOriginalMargarineI Can't Believe It's Not ButterBrand:I Can't Believe It's Not Butter,Store:Safeway Supermarket&von Supermarket,city:California,California04-29-16
exclaimOriginal Margarine With Olive OilMargarineOlivioBrand:Olivio,Store:Waldbaums Supermarket,city:Queens, NY,New York04-29-16
exclaimOriginal Margarine With Olive OilMargarineAmerica's ChoiceBrand:America's Choice,Store:Waldbaums Supermarket,city:Queens, NY,New York04-29-16
exclaimSoft Margarine SpreadMargarineMeijerBrand:Meijer,Store:Meijer Supermarket,city:Algonquin, IL,Illinois04-29-16