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Category Selected: Sun Screen Lotion

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halalAll Natural Sunscreen LotionSun Screen LotionBadgerBr. Ahmad Latif has provided this e-mail from the company: Hi Ahmad, Thank you for writing. The SPF 30 Unscented Sunscreen Cream is not actually considered vegan as it does contain beeswax. Our beeswax comes from Canada, Australia or New Zealand. As the beeswax is USDA Certified Organic, the bees must be managed to meet the USDA standards for honey and beeswax production as well as for beekeeping. Organically kept bees need to be raised in a habitat a reasonable distance from land that uses chemical pesticides. Medications and treatments are either avoided or banned depending upon the treatment which is definitely a contrast over typical commercial beekeeping. From a product point of view, basically, beeswax is a bi-product of honey collection. It comes from the "caps" on the comb. The caps are removed and the honey is collected. Then the remainder of the comb is returned to the hive. The bees refill it. The caps, which are composed of beeswax, are melted and filtered. So the bees are not harmed in the process of collecting honey or beeswax. While the products containing beeswax are not technically vegan, we have had many people who wouldn't otherwise use beeswax feel good about it based on the humane treatment of the bees. Per the question of alcohol, we do not make anything with alcohol as an ingredient and it would not be present in any final product. Itís possible that organic alcohol is used to clean lines between product runs to control for ingredient cross contamination. Let me know if this is a concern and I will be happy to research it further. By the way, our Sunscreen Lotions are vegan! Thanks again for the contact and let me know if thereís anything else I can do for you. All the best, Emily Emily B Mason New Accounts Coordinator 800.603.6100 dial 1 for immediate wholesale service 603.352.4818 (fax)11-30--1