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Category Selected: Tomato Juice

Halal Status Product Name UPS Code Category Product Brand Comments Date


halal100% Juice TomatoTomato JuiceWinn-dixieBrand:Winn-dixie,Store:Winn-dixie Supermarket,city:Orlando, FL,Florida04-29-16
halal100% Tomato JuiceTomato JuiceRoundy'sBrand:Roundy's,Store:Mariano's Fresh Market & Roundy's Supermarket,city:Schaumburg, IL ,Milwaukee, WI,Illinois & Wisconsin04-29-16
halal100% Tomato JuiceTomato JuiceShurfineBrand:Shurfine,Store:Woodman's Supermarket,city:Carpentersville, IL& Wisconsin,Illinois & Wisconsin04-29-16
halal100% Tomato Juice072940760023Tomato JuiceSacramento11-09-16
halalFresh Squeezed Tomato JuiceTomato JuiceRed Gold04-24-12
halalFresh Squeezed Tomato Juice072940113461Tomato JuiceRed Gold11-09-16
halalNo Salt Added Tomato Juice072940143208Tomato JuiceRed Gold11-09-16
halalOrganic Tomato Juice Tomato Juice365Brand:365,Store:Whole Food Market,city:Schaumburg, IL,Illinois04-29-16
halalTomato JuiceTomato JuiceSacramento04-24-12
halalTomato JuiceTomato JuiceMeijerBrand:Meijer,Store:Meijer Supermarket,city:Algonquin, IL,Illinois04-29-16
halalTomato JuiceTomato JuiceSunny SelectBrand:Sunny Select,Store:Lucky Supermarkets & Save More Supermarkets,city:Danville, CA/ Antioch, CA,California04-29-16
halalTomato JuiceTomato JuiceSchnucksBrand:Schnucks,Store:Schnucks Supermarket,city:Rockford, IL,Illinois04-29-16
halalTomato Juice070900501853Tomato JuiceDei Fratelli11-09-16
halalTomato Juice Canada Family056636014805Tomato JuiceUtopia11-09-16
halalTomato Juice From Concentrate024000013693Tomato JuiceDelmonte11-09-16
halalTomato Juice From Concentrate051000147578Tomato JuiceCampbells11-09-16
halalTomato Juice From Concentrate, Low Sodium Tomato Juice From ConcentrateTomato JuiceCampbell04-24-12

Not Halal

haramClamatoTomato JuicePicanteNo certification symbol04-24-12
haramTomato Juice Cocktail014800512762Tomato JuiceClamatoNo Halal or Kosher symbol on the package.11-09-16

Mushbooh or Unknown

unknownCanned Tomato Juice From Concentrate051000003669Tomato JuiceCampbellsNo Halal or Kosher symbol on the can. Halal if no hidden ingredients are added.11-09-16