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Category Selected: Vegetable Oil Spread

Halal Status Product Name UPS Code Category Product Brand Comments Date


halal52% Vegetable Oil SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadValue TimeBrand:Value Time,Store:Schnucks Supermarket,city:Rockford, IL,Illinois04-29-16
halalButtery Spread 64% Vegetable OilVegetable Oil SpreadMarket PantryUPC Code: 085523913064310-25-15
halalExtra Virgin Oilve Oil SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadSmart Balance04-29-12
halalFresh Buttery TasteĀ® SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadLand O Lakes04-29-12
halalLight Original Spread With FlexVegetable Oil SpreadSmart Balance04-29-12
halalLight SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadBenecolUPC Code: 30045-0839-19010-25-15
halalOld Fashioned SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadMarket PantryUPC Code: 08523913059910-25-15
halalOriginal Buttery SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadSmart Balance04-29-12
halalOriginal Vegetable Oil SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadEarth BalanceBrand:Earth Balance,Store:Stop & Shop Supermarket,city:Piscataway, NJ,New Jersey04-29-16
halalRegular SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadBenecolUPC Code: 004583918410-25-15
halalSoft 70% Vegetable Oil SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadGoldBrand:Gold,Store:Fred Myers Supermarket,city:Redmond, WA,Washington State04-30-16

Not Halal

haram39% Vegetable Oil SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadKrogerBrand:Kroger,Store:Food Co Supermarket,city:Redwood City,California04-29-16

Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor

exclaim39% Vegetable Oil SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadPantry EssentialBrand:Pantry Essential,Store:Safeway Supermarket&von Supermarket,city:California,California04-29-16
exclaim70% Vegetable Oil SpreadVegetable Oil SpreadRoundy'sBrand:Roundy's,Store:Mariano's Fresh Market & Roundy's Supermarket,city:Schaumburg, IL &Milwaukee, WI,Illinois & Wisconsin04-29-16