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Category Selected: Whipping Cream

Halal Status Product Name UPS Code Category Product Brand Comments Date


halalHeavy Whipping Cream With Plant # 36-8580 0nlyWhipping CreamGreat ValueA sister has provide this information: Our supplier has advised us that the careegan in the whipping cream is sourced from seaweed derivitive and there is no ethyl alcohol used in the processing of the carrageenan to make this product. A sister has send this e-amila: They also co-package for Walmart's Great Value "Heavy Whipping Cream". It does not have a kosher symbol on it though, since walmart has different suppliers. But if the package has the plant # 36-8580 listed under the ingredients and also stamped on the top of the package with a date stamp, it is manufactured by Byrne Dairy and would therefore be kosher. They also co-package for Shop-Rite. It should have the same plant# 36-8580. The shop rite one would have a kosher symbol on it. 02-08-15
halalWhipping CreamWhipping CreamDean07-05-12

Not Halal

haramCool Whip Whipping CreamWhipping CreamKraftAlcohol is used as a solvent in artificial flavor. 02/20/201302-20-13
haramWhipping CreamWhipping CreamLucerneA sister has provided this e-mail. The Carrageenan used in our Dairy Glen whipping cream is a refined hybrid type of Carrageenan. IPA, Isopropyl alcohol is used in the process. Carrageenan used in the product meets Food Chemical Codex, (FCC) specification including Residual Solvent limit of 0.1 %. We hope that you have all of the information that you require, feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Thank you, Jessica Jessica Jabusch | Sales & Marketing Coordinator | Lucerne Foods, Inc 1020 - 64th Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta, T2E 7V8 e. | w, 06-21-14
haramWhipping CreamWhipping CreamSunnyside FarmsBrand:Sunnyside Farms,Store:Lucky Supermarkets & Save More Supermarkets,city:Danville,California04-29-16

Mushbooh or Unknown

unknownHeavy Whipping Cream All Natural CreamWhipping CreamLand O LakeEthyl Alcohol may be use in Carrageenan.06-30-12
unknownWhipping CreamWhipping CreamJewelEhtyl Alcohol may or may not use in the processing of Carrageenan.07-05-12
unknownWhipping CreamWhipping CreamJewelPresence of Carraggenan.07-09-12

Halal if no alcohol is used in flavor

exclaimRegular Whipping CreamWhipping CreamPublixBrand:Publix,Store:Publix Supermarket,city:Orlando, FL,Florida04-29-16
exclaimWhipping CreamWhipping CreamDarigoldBrand:Darigold,Store:Albertson Supermarket,city:Redmond, WA,Washington04-29-16
exclaimWhipping CreamWhipping CreamKrogerBrand:Kroger,Store:Kroger Supermarket,city:Houston, TX,Texas04-29-16
exclaimWhipping CreamWhipping CreamEssential EverydayBrand:Essential Everyday,Store:Cubs Foods Supermarkets,city:ILLINOIS & MINNESOTA,Illinois & Minnesota04-29-16
exclaimWhipping CreamWhipping CreamDeanBrand:Dean,Store:Cubs Foods Supermarkets,city:ILLINOIS & MINNESOTA,Illinois & Minnesota04-29-16
exclaimWhipping CreamWhipping CreamWinn-dixieBrand:Winn-dixie,Store:Winn-dixie Supermarket,city:Orlando, FL,Florida04-29-16
exclaimWhipping CreamWhipping CreamEssential EverydayBrand:Essential Everyday,Store:Jewel Supermarket,city:Huntley,Illinois04-29-16
exclaimWhipping CreamWhipping CreamLucerneBrand:Lucerne,Store:Safeway Supermarket&von Supermarket,city:California,California04-29-16
exclaimWhipping CreamWhipping CreamSunnyside FarmsBrand:Sunnyside Farms,Store:Nob Hill Foods,city:San Ramon,California04-29-16