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There are over 8 million Muslim consumers in USA and they would like to see Halal symbols on food products just like Kosher symbols. Not all Kosher certified products are considered Halal because differences in religious dietary laws. There are very few food products with Halal symbols on the packages are available in regional supermarkets but not nationally.

Halal certified food products and ingredients help many food companies to increase their annual sales. Many Muslim countries require that all food products and ingredients exporting to their countries have to be Halal certified.

MCG is not in Halal meat certification business.

MCG is not involve in the certification of Halal meat or Halal meat products.

Kosher Certification

Since many food products and ingredients are Halal certified. So MCG accept non meat based food ingredients kosher certified orthodox kosher certification if they meet Halal requirements. If they do not meet Halal requirements then MCG will not accept kosher certified food and ingredients.

Not all kosher certified food products or ingredients are consider Halal. If one of following ingredient present in a kosher certified food products then MCG will not accept the kosher certified products:

(1) Gelatin (2) Kosher Gelatin (3) L-Cysteine made from human hair or chicken or duck feathers (4) Wine (5) Liquor (6) Beer batter (7) Rum flavor (8) Ethyl Alcohol or ethanol as a main ingredient (9) Cochineal or Carmine (10) Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce (11) Brewer’s Yeast Extract from byproduct of beer making  (12) Nucleotides (13) Vanilla Extract (14) Wine Vinegar (15) If ethyl alcohol is used as a solvent in natural and artificial flavors (16) Confectionary Glaze or Resinous Glaze (17) Torula Yeast grown on alcohol (18) if Carrageenan is made with ethyl alcohol, (19) Natural Vanilla or Natural Vanilla Flavor(because Alcohol is used in its extraction).  


Those foods products and ingredients which are lawful to consume according to Islamic dietary laws are called Halal for example fruits, vegetable and fish.


Those food products and ingredients which are prohibited to consume according to Islamic dietary laws are called Haram for example pork and pork by-product, lard, blood and alcoholic beverages.

What Is Mashbooh

Food Products or ingredients whose Halal or Haram status is not known or their status is suspected called Mashbooh.


  1. Raw material, processing aid ingredients, processing, sanitation chemicals and packaging should meet the Islamic dietary requirements.
  2. MCG will not consider a natural or artificial flavor as Halal if ethyl alcohol is used as a solvent or carrier and if the flavoring ingredients are not from Halal source.

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  1. Please fill out the application form online or obtained through e-mail or fax.
  2. Initial discussion on phone about the Halal requirements, plant inspection, explanation about the steps involve in Halal certification, discussion about your products, marketing area, raw material, processing aid ingredients, your HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) program, Recall procedure, packaging materials, warehouse and sanitation materials including the Master Sanitation schedule and POG (Process Operating Guidelines) for Halal certified food products.
  3. If your products pass the Halal requirements then a contract is signed including number of inspection per year, record keeping, and number of products to be Halal certified and service fees for Halal certification.