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List of Muslim Consumer Group Halal Certified Products:

1. Grover Technologies, Glasgow, DE 19702

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 Brand Name         Product Name                            

Ecosorb™                       S405                                                  

Ecosorb                          S406                                    

Ecosorb                          S407, S407RB

Ecosorb                          S481, S481 RB

Ecosorb                          S462

Ecosorb                          S429, S429RB

Ecosorb                          S426

Ecosorb                        S405RB

Ecosorb                        S406RB

Ecosorb                        S426RB

Ecosorb                        S489

Ecosorb                        S489RB

Ecosorb                        S-410RB


2. Ingersoll Rand Company 800B Beaty Street, Davidson, NC 28036 

Ultra FG Lubricant used on food processing machines.


3. JAX INC W134 N 5373 Campbell Drive Menomonee Falls, WI 53051


51 Lubricants used on food processing machines.


4. Mughal Bakery of Chicago, Illinois 60659


Name of the product                                     Net Weight                      UPC Code

Sheermal                                                          14 oz                              850897003185

Rasin Bun Halal                                               10 oz                              850897003178

Bread Halal                                                      10 oz                               850897003161

Raisin Toast (Pape)                                         12 oz                              850897003154

Toast (Pape)                                                     12 oz                              850897003147

Pastry                                                               12 oz                              850897003130

Fruit Biscuit                                                     10 oz                              850897003116

Chand Crescent Cookies                                12 oz                              850897003109

Kalonji Cookies                                               12 oz                               850897003093

Nan - Khatie Cookies                                      12 oz                               850897003086

Usmania Cookies                                            12 oz                               850897003079

Cake Rusk                                                        12 oz                              850897003031

Coconut Cookies                                             12 oz                              850897003024

Royal Almond Cookies                                   11 oz                               850897003017

Jam Cookies                                                    12 oz                               850897003000

Fruit Cake Rusk                                               12 oz                               850897003048

Zeera Cumin Cookies                                      12 oz                              850897003062

5. NutriScience Innovations, LLC 2450 Reservoir Avenue Trumbull,  Connecticut USA (203-372-8877)


Brand Name                                              Product Name                      

NutriScience Innovations, LLC               Alpha Lipoic Acid                        


NutriScience Innovations, LLC              Natural Betaine Anhydrous                               


NutriScience Innovations, LLC               Calcium Glycerophosphate                                         


NutriScience Innovations, LLC               Choline Bitartrate                        


NutriScience Innovations, LLC               D-Glucuronolactone                               


NutriScience Innovations, LLC               L-Glutathione, reduced              


NutriScience Innovations, LLC               Magnesium Glycerophosphate           


NutriScience Innovations, LLC               OptiLut® Lutein


NutriScience Innovations, LLC               Potassium Glycerophosphate             


NutriScience Innovations, LLC               Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin                                                                                                                                              


NutriScience Innovations, LLC                 Beta-Glucan 85%                                                                                                                                          



6. Old Mansion Foods 3811 Corporate Road Petersburg, VA 23805


5114 Marinade Lemon Pepper

5126 Gravy Mix White Biscuit

5168 Deep Fry Breader ,

5297 Deluxe Seafood Breader

5297M Deluxe Seafood Breader, No MSG

5323 Brown Gravy Mix

5327 Onion Ring Batter/Breader

5334 Aus Jus Mix

5335 Peppered Gravy Mix

5336 Brown Gravy Mix

5338M Low Sodium Gravy Mix

5346 Home style Loaf Seasoning

5352 Cole Slaw Seasoning

    5951M Stuffing Mix                                                             '

5A152 Creamy Italian Dressing Mix

5A167 Crunchy Seafood Breader

6323121 Brown Gravy Mix

6346640 Home style Loaf Seasoning

6617121 Light Gravy Mix

6852121 Low Sodium White Gravy Mix

6A14865 N.C. Pattie Seasoning

7390616 Brown Gravy MIX

18 Mesh Chefs Choice-627

32 Mesh Black Pepper-621

5001 Carnival Season, No Salt

5002 Carnival Seasoning Salt

5036 Classic Southern Sausage Seasoning

5090 Gunnoe Chicken Seasoning

5111 Fajita Seasoning

5115 Cajun Catfish Marinade

5120 Creamy Italian Dressing Mix

5124 Chicken Batter/Breader

5124M Chicken Batter/Breader

5141 All Purpose Spice

5166 Seafood Seasoning

5167 Fried Chicken Seasoning

5167H Seasoning Chicken - Hester

5167T Seasoning Chicken - Texas Steakhouse

5169 Chicken Breader

5178 O.M. Light Chili Powder

5186 Southern Fried Breader Mix

5201 Seafood Seasoning

5210 Celery Salt

5212 Garlic Salt

5213 Italian Seasoning

5214 Onion Salt

5215 Apple Pi~ SjJice

5216 Cinnamon Sugar

5217WSeason Salt#217B B.O.B.       

5220 Pumpkin Pie Spice

5222 Poultry Seasoning

5224 Poultry Seasoning # 125

5225 Curry Powder

5226 Carolina Brunswick Stew Seasoning

5227 Sidney's Cajun Seafood, No Salt, No MSG

5228 Big Chix Chicken Marinade

5230 Firehouse Spice Mix

5240 V.O.V Steak Sauce

5259 Chicken Marinade

5267 A Chicken Marinade

5269 Kings Arm Tavern Meat

5270R Brazilian Mustard Glaze

5274 Mobjack Bay Seafood Seasoning

5283 Ultimate California Pizza Sauce Seasoning

5301 Greek ltalian Dressing Mix

5308 Ranch Dressing

5308M Ranch Dressing, No MSG

5319 Dash Blend

5320 Golden Chicken Breader

5326 Funnel Cake Mix

5330 Onion Ring Batter

5658 Seasoning Salt #658

5658M French Fry Seasoning Salt

5659 Larry's Seasoning Salt

5661 Seasoning Salt Larry's #2

5676B Apple Pie Spice #100 B.O.B.

5697 Sidney's Lemon Pepper

5709 Lemon Pepper

5712 Sloppy Joe Seasoning

5713 Shaker's All Purpose

5715 Chicken Base

5718 Lemon Pepper

5725 Montreal Steak Seasoning

5727 Seasoning Salt

5728 Lemon Pepper

5747 Tempura Batter/Breader

5766 Sloppy Joe Mix

5788 Steak Seasoning

5797 Fried Chicken Seasoning

5802K Hot Cajun Spice Kit

5806 Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

5813 Hyatt Tempura Breader

5823 Original Mild Cajun Batter/Breader

5898 George's Chicken Marinade

5909 Worcestershire Sauce

5909B Worcestershire Sauce Mix

5909BM Worcestershire Sauce Mix 5934 Salt less Seasoning

5949 Zesty Potato Breader

5971 Seafood Seasoning W/Anti-Caking

5A023 Chicken Salad Seasoning

5330K Pre-Blend Kit for 330M

5330M Onion Bloom Modified

5363 Fried Chicken Breader Mix

5377 Seasoned Salt

5377 Cajun Spice

5398 BB Seasoning ..

5400 Chef Andre's Blackened Cajun Spice

5400M All Natural Blackened Redfish Seasoning

5402 Seafood Seasoning, No MSG

5403 Cajun Spice

5409 Taco Meat Seasoning

5412 Taco Seasoning .

5413 Chili Seasoning Item #413

5417 Vegetable Stabilizer

5424 Moore's Basic Spice

5424A Moore's Basic Spice

5459 Sausage Seasoning #459

5464 Meat Tenderizer, Seasoned

5501 Philly Steak Seasoning

5505 Yukon Steak Seasoning

5550 Cajun Spice Blend

5588 Montreal Obsolete

5610 Meat Tenderizer

5631 Bottoms Up Pizza Sauce

5643 Grill Seasoning

5644 River City Blend

5647 Richards, No Salt, No MSG

5650 Richards No MSG

5651 Italian Seasoning Item 145

5AI00 Sweet N' Hot Rib Rub

5A101 Chicken Marinade Seasoning

SAI02 Marinade Seasoning

SAI04 Breader All Purpose Dept of COb

5AI05 Hot Sauce Seasoning

5AI07 Sausage Seasoning

5AI08 Mild Sausage Seasoning

5AI09 Hot Sausage Seasoning

5All1 Chicken Breader

5Al14 Creole Seasoning - Chefs Elite

5Al15 Boston Bay Seafood Seasoning

5Al17 Adam's Rib Rub Spicy 

5Al18 Adam's Meat Tenderizer - Adam's R:.1. Rub

5A120 Meat Seasoning - Topeka's

5Al21 Luv Rub - Bee (Calvert Retail

5Al22 Luv Rub Chicken

5Al23 Adam's Ori~ina1 Rib Rub

5Al25 Vegetable Seasoning - Topeka's

5A135 Seafood Seasoning Topeka’s

5Al40 Steak Seasoning Topeka's

5Al41 Luv Rub-Fish ( Calvert Retail)

5Al45 Manna Chicken Marinade

5Al53 Salad works Lido Italian Dressing

5Al54 All Purpose Seasoning

5Al57 All Natural Poultry Marinade

5Al58 Jim Beam Marinade

5Al59 Thorny's Steak Seasoning

5Al60 Ultimate Gourmet Lemon Garlic Pepper

5Al62 Lemon Pepper Breader

5A163 Vidalia Onion BBQ Spice

5A168 Chicken Fried Steak Breader

5A169 Topeka's Steak Seasoning

5A170 Cajun Satay Seasoning

5A172 Concept Foods Chili Powder

5A176 Poultry Seasoning

5A177 Sweet Italian Sausage Seasoning

5A178 Williamson BBQ Rub

5Al79 French Dressing

5A183 Roaster Chicken Spice

5A196 7-Up BBQ Spice Mix

5A197 A&W-Dr Pepper Spice Mix

5A258 Spicy Chicken Seasoning

6A18450 Country Fried Breader

Allspice Ground-009

Allspice Whole-O 17

Anise Seed Ground-025

Anise Seed Whole-029

Bacon Bits-041

Basil Ground-045

Basil Leaf-041

Bay Leaves-057

Butcher Black Pepper-625

Caraway Ground-l 09

Caraway Whole-113



Celery Whole-157

Chili Powder-177

Chopped Chives-181

Clove Whole-221

Coarse Crushed-649

Coriander Ground-229

Coriander Whole-230

Cream Of Tartar-265

Crushed Red 5,00000-648

Cumin Ground-269

Cumin Whole-270

Dill Seed-281

Dill Weed-285

Fennel Cracked-313

Fennel Ground-309

Fennel Whole-313

Fine Crushed Red-653

Fine Ground peffer-623

Garlic Minced- 3

Garlic Powder-381

Ginger Ground

Granulated Garlic-369

Green Bell P657er-636

Ground Red-

Ground Rosemary-697

Jim Beam "Original" #A220

Jim Beam "Spicer #A230

Mace Ground-4 3  


Mustard Whole-499

Nutmeg Ground-505

Nutmeg Whole-513

Onion hopped-553

Onion Granulated-561

Onion Minced-565

Onion Powder-569

Oregano Flakes-585

Oregano Ground-581

Paprika 110 ASTA-597

Paprika 85 ASTA-593

Parsley Flakes-605

Pickle Spice-681

Popp~ Seed-685

Rea ell Granules-643

Rosemary Leaves-701

Rubbed Sage-713

Sage Ground-705


Sesame Seed-753

Table Grind Black Pepper-622

Tarragon Leaves-849

Thyme Ground-857

Thyme Whole-861

Turmeric Ground-869

White Pepper Ground-669

Whole Black Pepper-633

Whole White Pepper-677

Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette 5A340 

Tangerine Vinaigrette 5A342

BBQ Rub Mutt’s 5A343 

Kiwi Lime Vinaigrette 5A344

Creole/ Cajun Season 5A353 

Salt & pepper P-Nut Season 5A355

CL-57 Spice / Herb blend 5A357   

BBQ Sauce Mix Original 5A358  

Bone Dr. Spice Mix 5A359

Ted’s Secret Stash 5A363   

Pig crazy Rub 5A365   BBQ Sauce Sweet 5A366                                                                     

Meat Man Meat Rub All 5A367                                                                                                                                

BBQ Sauce Carolina Vinegar 5A368

Spring Chicken Seasoning 5A369   

BBQ Sauce Mustard 5A370

7. Seneca Food Corporation Cambria, Wisconsin


Brand Name      Product Name              UPC Code                               Net Weight


Linkz                   Canned Supersweet

                            Whole Kernel Corn      8886396710608                         15.25 oz                                                                                 


Linkz                   Canned Cream Style Corn 8886396710615                  14.75  oz


LIGO                   Canned Super Sweet Whole 72810 34128                    15.25 oz

                            Kernel Corn

LIGO                   Canned Cream Style Corn     72810 34093                    14.75 oz



8. Seneca Food Corporation Rochester, Minnesota


Brand Name   Product Name                          UPC Code                      Net Weight


Stokely's            Finest Cream Style Corn        7022202840                     106 oz.


LIGO                 Canned Supersweet                 7281034128                      15.25 oz.

                          Whole Kernel Corn


LIGO                Canned Cream Style Corn        7281034093                       14.75 oz.


9. Seneca Foods corporation Modesto, California


Brand Name   Product Name                          UPC Code                      Net Weight


Linkz               Canned Fruit Cocktail                 8886396713012               30 oz.


Linkz               Canned Supersweet                    8886396710608               15.25 oz.

                          Whole Kernel Corn


Linkz               Canned Cream Style Corn          8886396710615               14.75 oz.


10. Seneca Foods Corporation Yakima, WA


Brand Name   Product Name                            UPC Code                   Net Weight


Seneca            Apple Chips Original                18195-70000                     2.5 OZ


Seneca            Apple Chips Cinnamon            18195-70100                     2.5 OZ


Seneca            Apple Chips Caramel               18195-70200                     2.5 OZ


Seneca Farms Blue Potato Chips                   18195-52000                      5 OZ


Seneca Farm   Blue & Orange Potato Chips  18195-52003                      5 OZ


Seneca Farm   Gold Potato Chips                   18195-52001                      5 OZ


Seneca Farm   Red Potato Chips                     18195-52002                     5 OZ


Seneca Farm  Blue Potato Chips                     18195-71020                     2 OZ        


11. Labbeemint, P.O. Box 130 Harrah, WA 98933


Brand Name: Labbeemint and Generic


Products: Peppermint Oil, Spearmint Oil and Menthol Crystals

12. Oxipro a nutritional suplement manufactured by Cyto Power Inc. of Pearland, Texas