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Taco Bell

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Halal Status Menu Item Menu Category Comments Date
haramAll TacosTacosMade with non zabiha beef and non Halal cheese. 10/201310-02-13
haramAvocado Ranch DressingDressingNon Halal dairy ingredient, flavor and enzyme modified egg yolk. October 201310-01-13
haramBeansBeansNon Halal Ingredients. October 201310-01-13
haramBeefy Nacho GrillerSpecialtyNon Zabiha beef, Non Halal Nacho Cheese. 10/201310-02-13
unknownBlack BeansBlack BeansYeast Extract and Flavoring. October 201310-01-13
unknownBorder Sauce- MildSaucesYeast Extract and flavor. October 201310-01-13
haramBorder Sauce-FireSaucesNaturally brewed soy sauce. October 201310-01-13
unknownBorder Sauce-HotSaucesYeast Extract and flavor. October 201310-01-13
haramBrownie SandwichBrownieVanilla Extract. October 201310-01-13
haramBurritosBurritosmade with non zabiha chicken and non Halal cheese. 10/201310-02-13
halalCantina SalsaSalsaOctober 201310-01-13
unknownCaramel Apple EmpanadaEmpanadaCarrageenan. October 201310-01-13
unknownChalupa ShellShellMushbooh ingredients. October 201310-01-13
haramChalupa Supreme BeefChalupaMade with Non Zabiha beef and Reduced Fat Sour Cream containing Gelatin either from pork or non zabiha beef. 10/2013.10-02-13
haramCheddar CheeseCheeseNo Halal or Kosher certified. 10/201310-01-13
haramCheesy Nachos, other Nachose with CheeseNachosNon Zabiha Beef and Non Halal cheese, Non Halal cheese Sauce. 10/201310-02-13
unknownCherry LimeadeLimeadeMushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-01-13
unknownChiliChiliMushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-01-13
haramChipotle SauceSaucesGelatin. 10/201310-01-13
unknownChurroChurroMushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-01-13
haramCilantro DressingDressingWhite Wine. 10/201310-01-13
unknownCinnabon DelightsCinnabon DelightsMushbooh Ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
unknownCinnamon TwistsCinnamon TwistIn one region it is Halal and in other region it is mushbooh due to. Flavor. 1So find out from Taco Bell. 0/201310-02-13
haramCookie SandwichCookie SandwichContains vanilla and alcohol. 10/201310-02-13
haramCool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco ShellTaco ShellCheese is not Halal. 10/201310-02-13
unknownCreamy Jalapeño SauceSaucesMushbooh dairy ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
haramDoritos Locos Taco ShellTaco ShellNon Halal Cheddar Cheese. 10/201310-02-13
unknownEggsEggsEggs are not 100% eggs but made with other mushbooh ingredients such as Beta-carotene, flavor. 10/2013 10-02-13
unknownExpress Nacho ChipsExpress Nacho ChipsNacho Chips do not contain wheat proteins; however, they are fried in the same oil with ingredients containing wheat proteins and other mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
haramFiery Doritos Taco ShellFiery Doritos Taco ShellMade with Haram Carmine Color. 10/201310-02-13
unknownFlatbreadFlat BreadMade with mushbooh ingredient. 10/201310-02-13
haramGorditasGorditasmade with non Halal cheese and sauce. 10/201310-02-13
unknownGreen Tomatillo SauceSaucesMushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
unknownHash BrownsHash Browns Fried in same oil used for mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
halalJalapeñosJalapeños 10/201310-02-13
haramLava SauceSauces made with non Halal cheese. 10/201310-02-13
unknownLimeadeLimeade Made with mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
haramLoaded Potato GrillerSpeciltyIt is a Haram item because it is made with Haram Pork Bacon. 10/201310-02-13
haramLow Fat Vanilla YogurtYogurtmade with Vanilla. 10/201310-02-13
unknownMexican Pizza SauceSaucesMade with mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
unknownMountain Dew Distortion FreezeMountain Dew Distortion FreezeMade with mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
unknownMountain Dew Typhoon FreezeMountain Dew Typhoon Freeze Mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
haramNacho Cheese SauceNacho Cheese SauceMade with Non Halal cheese. 10/201310-02-13
unknownNacho ChipsNacho Chips Fried in same oil used for mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
unknownOatmealOatmeal Mushbooh Vitamin A. 10/201310-02-13
haramPepper Jack CheesePepper Jack Cheese Non Halal cheese. 10/201310-02-13
haramPepper Jack SaucePepper Jack SauceNon Halal cheese. 10/201310-02-13
halalPico de GalloPico de Gallo 10/201310-02-13
unknownPico de GalloPico de Gallo Mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
unknownPink Lemonade FreezePink Lemonade FreezeMushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
halalPizza ShellPizza Shell10/201310-02-13
unknownPlain GranolaPlain Granola Mushbooh whey. 10/201310-02-13
unknownPotato BitesPotato BitesMushbooh ingredients. One region serve Halal Potato Bites. 10/201310-02-13
halalPremium GuacamolePremium Guacamole10/201310-02-13
unknownPremium Latin RicePremium Latin Rice Mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
unknownRed SauceRed Sauce Mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
haramRed StripsRed StripsMade with Haram Carmine color. 10/201310-02-13
haramRed Taco ShellRed Taco Shell Made with Haram Carmine color. 10/201310-02-13
haramReduced Fat Sour CreamReduced Fat Sour Cream Gelatin. 10/201310-02-13
halalRoasted Corn SalsaRoasted Corn Salsa 10/201310-02-13
haramSalad with chicken, beef and steakSaladNon Zabiha beef or chicken or steak with non Halal other items. 10/201310-02-13
unknownSalsa VerdeSalsa VerdeMushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
unknownSeasoned RiceSeasoned RiceMushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
unknownSeattle's Best Mocha Iced CoffeeSeattle's Best Mocha Iced Coffee Mushbooh Carrageenan. 10/201310-02-13
haramSmooth Burrito Shredded ChickenSpecialtyNon Zabiha Chicken with Non Halal sour cream and otherNon Halal items. 10/201310-02-13
haramSpicy Buffalo Chicken GrillerSpecialtyNon Zabiha Chicken with Non Halal Sour Cream. 10/201310-02-13
halalStrawberry Blueberry ToppingStrawberry Blueberry Topping 10/201310-02-13
unknownSyrupSyrup Mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13
halalTaco Salad ShellTaco Salad Shell10/201310-02-13
halalTaco ShellTaco Shell 10/201310-02-13
haramThree Cheese BlendThree Cheese BlendNon Halal cheese. 10/201310-02-13
halalTostada ShellTostada Shell10/201310-02-13
unknownWaffleWaffle Mushbooh ingredients. 10/201310-02-13