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E- means EC (European communities) (Updated December 2, 2010)

E-Numbers are assigned to various food additives. Some E-Numbers are banned in some countries. In UK Numbers without E prefix are allowed but may not be allowed in other country. We are getting lot of e-mails from our Muslims brother and sisters inquiring about Halal status of E-Numbers, so we decided to add to our web site.

E-Numbers are divided into following category:

E-Numbers Food Additives
100-180 Colors
200-252 Preservatives
260-297 Acidities
300-385 Antioxidant
400-429 Thickeners
430-499 Emulsifiers
620-640 Flavor Enhancer
950-967 Sweeteners

Halal Status:

The Halal status was given to the ingredients which are obtained from 100% Halal raw materials without use of alcohol. These are plant and chemical based material.


Those are obtained from animal source or use of alcohol. All non-zabiha Halal animal by-products were considered as Haram because Allah�s name was not announced at the time of slaughtering the animal. Off course pork by product was considered 100% Haram. Some Muslims may differ with us about not accepting the meat slaughtered by people of the book as not Halal meat.


Mushbooh status was given to those E-Numbers where source of raw material was not known, it could be from plant source or animal source and also lack of information of use of alcohol with based ingredients.

Hidden ingredients: We have no knowledge of different food laws in different countries regarding hidden processing aid ingredients which may be Haram. Hidden ingredients such as carrier or solvent used in liquid colors, Beta Carotene(in US fish gelatin is used as a carrier), antioxidants such as BHT, BHA and many other ingredients.


The following ingredients are considered as Haram:

We have carefully checked these ingredients based on our knowledge of US food industry. Sources of food ingredients in different countries may be different and we request you to check them out by contacting the food ingredient suppliers and food manufacturer in your country.

Warning: Some ingredients are not 100% pure. Hidden ingredients or processing aid ingredients are added to help dissolve or mix or process a food ingredient in a food system. These hidden ingredients are not reported along the food ingredients names or ingredients statement of a food product where they use if they fall under regulatory allowance such as a maximum 2% of the total formula of a food ingredient or food product in US. For example Beta Carotene food ingredient in US is not 100% pure, it is 98% pure and 2% may include vegetable oil or fish gelatin. Please verify the Halal status of the hidden ingredients from food ingredients suppliers or food manufacturer in your country.