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asked Aug 10, 2016 in Non-Food Products by TMTM
Salam aleikum

Last time I sent you list of ingredients of a eyeshadow and asked if there questionable ones. You answered with a general answer sending the whole list of criteria how cosmetic product can be halal. This is not what I was asking. I am not contacting a company unless they really use doubtful ingredients and in order to know that i first send them to you. So to answer with a general answer doesn help, all I am asking for is "is there any doubtful ingredient, if yes, I will be contacting the company". Silicone is a special case and i always ask if there is silicone among the ingredient, because if yes then the product is not good for Ghusl and wish anyway.

I am resending you my previous questions, could you please specify which ingredients are doubtful (alcohol or animal fat based) and is there any silicone among them. Could you please name the doubtful ingredients and a silicone.

JazakAllahu khairan

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answered Aug 12, 2016 by MCG


One person can not call cosmetic companies it is the job of Muslims to contact them because they are only one who know the source of cosmetic ingredients. I already provided criteria for Halal cosmetic.This is a Halal food website not cosmetic website. I am just giving a favor for personal, cosmetic and medicine products because they are different than food product. I do not ask Muslims to contact for every thing only hidden alcohol in flavors and presence of kosher symbol on the package if they meet Halal requirements.

I do not know whether you provided the ingredients list or not. If not then please provide I can suggest you which ingredient may be Halal or Halal or Mushbooh which require contacting the manufacturer.

From our Cosmetic section:

Cosmetic IngredientsOleic AcidHalal if Obtained from vegetable fat. Haram if obtained from pork fat. November 2013
Cosmetic IngredientsSteraic AcidHalal if Obtained from vegetable fat. Haram if obtained from pork fat. November 2013
Cosmetic IngredientsCollagenCollagen: Harm if obtained from pork protein. It is Halal if obtained from marine source for Shaafi Muslims. But Mushbooh for Hanafi Muslims because only fish is Halal for Hanafi Muslims. November 2013
Cosmetic IngredientsRetinolRetinol: Halal if derived from omega of safflower. November 2013
Cosmetic IngredientsBees WaxBees Wax: it is a natural wax produced in beehive of honey bees. Beehive is a structure in which honey bees live. November 2013
Cosmetic IngredientsSqalaneSqalane: It is Halal if obtained from plant oil but if obtained from shark liver oil or any animal oil than it is not Halal. November 2013
Cosmetic IngredientsLanolinLanolin is Halal because it is obtained from fat of the sheep\'s wool without slaughtering the sheep. November 2013
Cosmetic IngredientsAnimal\'s placentaAnimal\'s placenta is not Halal. November 2013
Cosmetic IngredientsFragranceHalal if no alcohol is used. Not Halal if alcohol is used. November 2013
Cosmetic IngredientsFD&C yellow No. 5 or FD&C red No. 40 colorsFD&C yellow No. 5 or FD&C red No. 40 are chemical dyes and they are Halal if used in pure granular or powder form but if the FD&C colors are required to make it in liquid form then a solvent is needed to make FD&C colors in liquid form. Vegetable oil or glycerin is used to make liquid artificial colors. Liquid FD&C colors are Halal only if vegetable oil or soy fat based glycerin is used. If glycerin is obtained from pork fat then liquid FD&+C colors will be Haram. glycerin was used as a solvent. November 2013
Cosmetic IngredientsTartrazine colorTartazine if obtained from natural source then it is soluble in water then it is Halal. If obtained from synthetic dye then it is Halal only if it mix with vegetable oil. November 2013
Cosmetic IngredientsCarmine Red Color

Carmine Red Color which is a Haram red color because it is obtained from insect. All insects except locust are Haram in Islam. November 2013.

Cosmetic IngredientsCastor OilCastor Oil is a Halal oil. November 2013
commented Aug 12, 2016 by TMTM
Assalamu aleikum.

First of all I want to say that I truly believe that you do an amazing job for Muslims and I believe many of them make sincere dias for you. Its also incredible how one person answers questions of so many Muslims, especially in such a short period of time.
My previous question was about some answers I get sometimes that are not helping, they are general. All I wanted to know is was there doubtful ingredients on the list or not, if yes then which ones, so that I can contact the manufacturer especially for them. Silicone is a special case, so once there is a silicone it should also be named so that muslims are aware of it. I didnt know that this site doesn't wotk with personal care products and only checks food products for halal status, i am here since more then a year and i have been reading a lot of questions/answers about non food related products too. Here is the list I forgot to send in the previous question, could you please check if there is any silicone or alcohol/animal fat based ingredient?
Talc, Magnesium Stearate, Cera Alba (Bess wax), Kaolin, Isopropyl Stearate, Mineral oil, Petrolatum, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Mica (and in brackets there is some symbol I can't find in my keyboard), CI77891, CI77492, CI15880, CI45370, CI45410, CI45430, CI77007, CI77742, CI77491, CI77499, CI77288, CI77289, CI15850, CI77510, CI73015

JazakAllahu khairan
commented Aug 14, 2016 by MCG
Thanks for your appreciation.
1.Talc is Halal
2. Magnesium Stearate is mashbooh Halal if obtained from vegetable fat Haram if obtained from pork fat only manufacturer knows the source if company declared no animal derived ingredients used that means it is from vegetable fat.
3. Cera Alba (Bee Wax) is Halal
4. Kaolin is Halal, it is a mineral.
5. Isopropyl Stearate: Isopropyl Stearate is an ester of isopropyl alcohol and stearic acid. It is mashbooh only the manufacturer knows the source.
6. Mineral Oil is Halal.
7. Petrolatum: Halal petroleum based.
8. Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben: Preservative Halal.
9. Phenoxyethanol: it’s created by treating phenol with ethylene oxide in an alkaline medium which all reacts to form a pH-balanced ingredient It is Halal.
10. Mica: It is a kind of Silicate or Silicone which struck to your hair will not come out. It is not recommended because you can do wadhu.
11. CI77891, CI77492, CI15880, CI45370, CI45410, CI45430, CI77007, CI77742, CI77491, CI77499, CI77288, CI77289, CI15850, CI77510, CI73015 these are chemicals.

This product is not Halal because of presence of Silicate or silicone.
commented Aug 15, 2016 by TMTM
JazakAllahu khairan for the answers

I have another one about Mica. I read in one article that silicones can be washed away by a simple water and other require sulfates. Is it known which silicone are used to manufacture Mica, water washable or not?

JazakAllahu khairan
commented Apr 1, 2017 by syarifahalhaddad
i also want to know if silicon in lipstick halal or not? because lipstick can be wash and disappear..
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