I sent you a question saying that the Nestle company sent me an email that mentioned that they dont use ethyl alcohol in their cereal. you told me that a kosher symbol must be present but there is no kosher symbol only a suitable for vegetarian lable. also you said that if it is Nestle baby food, it's not halal but its actually just cereal.Thanks.

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asked Jan 9, 2017 in Food Products by syeda123

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answered Jan 14, 2017 by MCG


In USA there is no such as a thing "Suitable for Vegetarian". It must be other than USA such as Europe.

Nestle must say that they do not use alcohol in the flavor because they are looking the ingredients and find no alcohol.

The best way to ask alcohol question in flavor is:

" is ethanol or ethyl alcohol used as a solvent in flavor; ethanol or ethyl alcohol is a hidden ingredient or processing aid ingredient of a flavor, it will not appear in the ingredients statement. The knowledge of presence or absence of ethanol or ethyl alcohol in flavor is only known to your QA or Technical service department because they have access to the specification of flavors. In the specification of flavor, your flavor supplier has written  the name of solvent or carrier used in that particular flavor. So please request your QA or Technical service department to find out whether ethanol or ethyl alcohol was used or not in the flavor as a solvent".

Most Nestle baby Foods in USA/Canada are not Halal. I need full ingredients list of Nestle cereal because they use vitamin in them it must have "Suitable for Vegetarian label on the package.

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