silicones in makeup and hair products

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asked Mar 16, 2017 in Non-Food Products by marium
this was originally asked by another sister on this website:
Salam aleikum

May Allah for your will to investigate this issue further

I found am interesting information about silicones that says that some of them cam be washed away just by water and some require sulfates.  Please do understand the reality of today, it is difficult to find cosmetics products without silicones, at the same time women want to look nice and use cosmetics in their homes for their husbands. So may be we can continue using them but we only should wash them away (properly with removers) before each Wudu and Gusl. Could you please let us know as a chemist how can we wash these silicones from hair/skin to be sure its washed away, what sulfate can we use? Or is it haram to use them anyway as they are chemicals and bad for us? Would be great if you could: 1) divide all silicone types into hazard and not hazard, 2) say which are water washable and which require sulfates, 3) which sulfates to be used for washing away the second type of silicones.
 JazaKAllahu khairan for your work.
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