al baik broast halal or haram

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asked Jul 13, 2017 in Halal Certification Process by umair5152
is there any authentic info regarding al baik broast in saudi arabia either they use islamic zabiha chickens or not?
they import the chicken feom brazil,australia etc or have own politary form houses
commented Jul 22, 2017 by anon
Salam. Saudi Arabia should have Halal meat. However, the meat could be machine slaughter, which some ulema say that it is Halal and some say that it is not Halal. I cannot tell you if you should eat the meat, because of different opinion. However, if there is a trustworthy scholar whom you are fine to ask regarding this topic, then you should ask. I personally eat any meat that says Halal, whether it is machine or hand slaughter. However, the owner of this site strictly follows the Hanafi madthab. He does not eat any meat that is machine slaughter.
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