Which will be the better option for my website Squarespace or Wix?

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asked Jul 14, 2017 in General Question by jefferyhilesth 1 flag
commented Jul 14, 2017 by terrymhamdan 1 flag
Whenever we want to build a new website, the first dilemma that we face is which website builder should we use.
*Wix is hands down, more user-friendly. The awesome control panel is very easy to understand and use, the panel feels like that you have used it for years. It’s pleases the eyes and it’s really well organised. It just feels right working with it.
*Squarespace is also pretty rich when it comes to features. Its features set looks and feel more compact because it has no application market associated with it. Rather on focusing on the common features of these builders, let’s focus on what makes them different
Read More: https://www.blueangelhost.com/blog/squarespace-vs-wix/
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