Which vanilla essence halal in usa

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asked Jul 17, 2017 in Food Products by lipiakter
commented Jul 22, 2017 by anon
Salam. I have copied and pasted on what the owner of the website has mentioned on the "Ingredients Description" page:

Modern methods of extraction are used in obtaining vanilla flavor such as supercritical carbon dioxide extraction and reverse osmosis for concentration. These methods produce useful products for industrial flavoring but they either fail to fit the regulatory requirements (alcohol extraction) for standard products, they are very expensive. These specialized products differ in solubility, flavor profile, and appearance but add to the list of natural vanilla flavoring available to food and beverages manufacturers. Mostly available in Europe.


A flavorant made from synthetic or artificial vanilla which can be derived from lignin of whey sulfite liquors (not Haram) and is synthetically processed from guaiacol and eugenol. The   related product, ethyl vanillin, has 3.5 times the flavoring powder of vanillin.

Vanillin and ethyl vanillin are both Halal artificial vanilla flavors."
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